Buta Group, whose headquarter is located in Ankara, has been operating in the IT sector since 2018. By adapting to the rapidly changing technological innovations and applying these innovations to the companies we serve, we offer solutions to transform our customers to the competitive and profitable companies. Buta Group, which prioritizes sustainable development, aims to bring innovation to the IT sector in Azerbaijan by expanding its coverage.

For the first time in Azerbaijan, Buta Group intends to change your job search style by speeding up the job search process and viewing the results of different job search platforms on a single platform. Therefore, it presents a new project in order to create conditions for everyone to easily use this service.

Employment.az Simplifies the job search process by automatically drawing vacancies from various vacancy platforms operating in the local environment. This will save you time and you will be able to use different sources to achieve your goals.

Note: Employment.az and Buta Group Azerbaijan are not responsible for any problems that may appear in the search results or related to these results, as well as any problems that may arise during the recruitment process.